"I would recommend this class to anyone who is thinking about opening their own canine swim pool, interested in water for canine weight loss, exercise and more. The hands-on experience from this class is invaluable, and I walked away confident that I had enough experience to start my own business and work with all sizes and types of dogs. Toby and Sherri are warm people that I instantly loved and their heart to help dogs is evident. This was a fantastic class that I will never forget."
- Jennifer Schramm, N. Richmond Hills, TX

"This class was great. The teachers were very informative. I enjoyed working with the dogs, the hands on experience, and the variety of dogs. I feel confident in my abilities that I can handle clients immediately upon my return home."
- Stacy Pyrek, Gilberts, IL

I thought the program was excellent. What I enjoyed the most was working hands on with the various breeds and learning the various needs and possible solutions.
- Melanie Barrett, Santa Rosa Beach, FL

"Overall, an awesome educational experience I would highly recommend! I loved the hands on time with the dogs in the water and Sherri’s willingness to answer any question – openly. It feels like the class is completely customized to what you want to get out of it – very thorough and comprehensive."
- Kelly Abernethy, Carbondale, CO

"I am completely satisfied with the program. The instructors were completely dedicated to the class learning the proper way to provide hydrotherapy for dogs. My favorite part was handling so many different dogs, learning to introduce them to the water, swimming them and learning more about each one through conversation with their owners."
- Vickie Ambler, Orlando, FL

"Sherri and Toby were terrific teachers and motivators. It is obvious they love what they do. I learned so much throughout the course – basic techniques as well as adaptive to each individual dog to give him/her the most helpful experience. This was a wonder “paws-on” experience so I could gain confidence and improve with each client."
- Georgina Slavoff, Gaithersburg, MD

"The learning environment was positive and the instructors passionate about their clients. I liked learning from the dogs and learning what their needs are when swimming, and enjoyed lunch time sitting around and discussing clients dogs and what we learned."
- David Garbush, Orlando, FL

"Thank you for teaching from your heart! I enjoyed every minute of this class. This certificate and training means so much to me!!"
- Cheri Wells, Orlando, FL